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Umeda gets five days and is going to go home and try to get in contact with old lovers (and see if Akiha is in town fffffffffffffff) and friends and see his family and ahhh. idk if Axel is going with him this year actually OR ANYONE ELSE HURR if you do go to Hana-Kimi world and you wanna thread it out let me know.

Heat gets 3 days - ....hey cannibals did we decide what we were doing

Sakubo gets 2 days and will be going home to spend time with their mother. And to check their email.

Minato gets 1 day and will be CATCHING UP WITH ALL HIS SEKIREI GOD. If any of his Sekirei here (Matsu, Kagari) want a thread set at home let me know?

Soubi gets 1 day and will be going back with Ritsuka, to lurk outside his house while his mom abuses him probably 8/ Ritsuka if you want an at home thread let me know!

Tsukihiko gets 1 day and will be going home and getting more sewing supplies and plush kitties.


Soubi's username

Copying this from the username meme so I never have to type it out again.

fragmentedimago - I actually sort of made an entry about his username here; it's full of links to psychology concepts, particularly the Lacanian concept of fragmented body (and by association the mirror stage), and the concept of the imago. UHH basically when the infant first sees its reflection in the mirror it gains a concept of the viewed self as being related TO itself; however, the projected self is a whole which seems well put together, and itself, in contrast, is imperfect, and this causes a split between the ideal (mirror) self and the imperfect (real) self. Even after establishing an ego, the ego is always threatened by this fragmentation which manifests itself in "images of castration, emasculation, mutilation, dismemberment, dislocation, evisceration, devouring, bursting open of the body" and other such ways to disfigure the self.

The imago, particularly in Lacanian terms, is the stereotype of other people as viewed to the self -- the "images" we form of other people, regardless of if they're accurate or not, and occasionally even relating to self image. Basically they are our biased views of other people (and in Lacan's belief, thoroughly negative). Lacan ties the imago to the concept of fragmented body described above like so: "The first effect of the imago which appears in the human being is an effect of subjective alienation".

BEYOND that, "imago" is also a term for the adult stage of insects; Soubi is strongly associated both with imagery of butterflies in Loveless and with, obviously, the concept of "becoming an adult", both because of his own early sexualization and because of his influence on Ritsuka and with the split between adult/child INVOLVING stages of metamorphosis in Loveless.

But butterflies in loveless are a threatened thing - their primary appearance in the manga isn't in flight but pinned down as part of a collection, and Ritsu-sensei (Soubi's abuser and one of the more complicated master manipulators and leaders in the big game played behind the scenes) collected butterflies; Soubi expresses, obliquely referring both to the butterflies and himself, that he hates butterflies because they're so easily captured and pinned. The image of the butterfly isn't of a whole one, because Soubi's self-image isn't whole, and his concept of adulthood is fragmented as well.

Head's up -- I don't know if this is happening to anyone else, but LJ is... not EXACTLY eating notifs. I am getting notifs from OTHER PEOPLE threading in my post, and I'm getting notifs when replies to me are EDITED... but not when people actually reply to me.

Just a head's up that people may need to manually refresh to see replies. Sob LJ.


For those who need a card to send to that special someone...

Completely amazing Loveless Valentines cards made by rubyprism.

Previous /o/

So there was a Soubi previously, and naturally I don't want to make anything awkward for anyone. If there's anything you'd like to discuss/work out/head's up/etc with me, here's a place to do it.

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